Dominating the skyline at bottom of St. Vincent Street and Howe Street, St. Stephen's Church was built in 1827-1828 to the design of Edinburgh's famous architect William Henry Playfair (1789 -1857)

Dr. William, the church's first minister opened an evening school in the vaulted cellars to educate the illiterate. The interior underwent alterations in 1956 as the congeration had declined.

Led by then minister Rev. A. Ian Dunlop, and a large fundraising effort. The reconstruction was the first subdivisions of a major Edinburgh building.

The church area now occupies the gallery level and retains the original church organ whilst a number of new halls were created including a full stage which is still used a venue for theatre events and shows during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.)

Stockbridge features in a number of movies and television dramas including; Mary Reily, North & South, Rebus and St. Stephen's church was the focus of a recent television drama 'New Town' although in the drama they referred to the building as "St. Cuthberts"

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